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Finally, an Alternative to Stripe Payment Gateway

There are lots of alternatives to Stripe and PayPal, but today we decided to share an alternative to stripe which we discovered some time ago.

It’s not a gateway that requires too much stress or much paperwork. It’s super awesome and neat to browse through.

You just need to get your requirements ready and then go ahead to sign-up to the payment gateway.

The core requirements includes:

  1. A UK/US Company.
  2. Identity Card.
  3. Proof of home address (more options to choose from).
  4. A UK/US bank account.
  5. … etc

Getting a UK/US Company

If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you must have been guided on the process of forming a UK/US company, this is very important, because if you’re dealing with the international audience, most of the programs or networks you may sign-up with will require you provide either a UK/US company info.

Forming a company is quite expensive, but we have prepared a guide that will help you form your company with as little as $178.

We believe everyone is on a budget and we try to minimize cost by finding better alternatives.

We recommend forming your company using Incauthority.

You can read the guidelines and procedures on how to form a US company.

A UK/US Bank Account

Since you would be creating a US company, you will need a US bank account.

You can sign-up for a Payoneer account and get approved instantly, it’s free of charge. Then go-to your global payment service and copy out your US routing number and account number to continue with the sign-up.

Alternative to Stripe

The alternative to stripe is Gocardless.

They charge 2% + £0.20 per transaction for US accounts (if you signed up using US Company details).

They also charge 1% + £0.20 per transaction for UK accounts (if you signed up using a UK company details).

Gocardless is the best way to collect credit/debit card payments and already serving more than 50,000 businesses in accepting payments.

Their sign-up process is easy and simple as long as you’ve formed a US company or a UK company. But US company is recommended.

We hope you found hope in Gocardless and successfully start accepting payments. As long as you have a UK or US company, you’re good to go.

To form your company go-to incauthority and choose either Delaware or Kentucky to form your company.

However, for step by step guide, read on how to form a US Company using Inc Authority.

Have any questions? Drop it in the comment box!

4 replies on “Finally, an Alternative to Stripe Payment Gateway”

Good day,

thank you for this article.
How does a non US resident who opened a US bank account via Payoneer and US business via a Delaware Registered Agent prove “Proof of home address”

Can i use my Delaware Registered Agent’s Address?
Some people suggest purchasing a virtual/forwarding address, however, still wont have PROOF of address as in electricity bill etc since I dont reside in that address, it will just be a forwarding address.

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