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5 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2020

It’s a new year already and if you’re looking for the best dropshipping products in 2020, then here’s an awesome list I have prepared for you.

Finding hot products to dropship is a hard task especially when you don’t use any winning product research tools.

The interesting thing about dropshipping is, you can setup a single product dropship store using any of the hot dropshipping products and make huge sales with it.

We use EcomHunt for our product finders, and they have all you need to build a successful dropshipping store.

For each hot product they post, they also post the promotional video, Facebook ads example (to run targeted ads), store selling the product and how much it’s sold, how much you should sell it and your profit margin.

You’ve got a lot of backup.

Best Dropshipping Products in 2020

In this post, we would be unleashing the winning products to dropship in 2020 to boost your sales.

If you have a general niche store, you add the products and pick the one you want and promote.

You can alternatively setup a single product store and start your promotion to boost your sales.

1. Transparent Drawer Shoes Box

best dropshipping products

Transparent drawer shoes box is one of the hot products to dropship in 2020. It solves a very important problem in most homes.

Instead of having their shoes scattered around, they can equally buy these depending on the quantity of shoes they have.

This is sold $5.45 in AliExpress and you can sell it from $25.95 and make a profit of $20.50.

However you can set your own price.

2. Lotus Ring with Heart Sutra

best dropshipping products

This ring is a best seller and everyone wants it.

The ring is said to attract kindness, sympathy and it also attracts wisdom.

This ring with the powerful words of the buddhist heart sutra engraved on its inside is handmade and blessed by Tibetan Buddhist Monks.

It’s sold $10.44 in AliExpress and you can sell it from $39.95 and make a profit of $29.51.

3. Soothing Bed

best dropshipping products 2020

Soothing beds is one of the best products for dog owners and dog lovers. Everyone who owns a dog has a high tendency of purchasing this awesome product.

It makes your dog feel awesomely calm and comfortable. It looks more like your dog is been cuddled.

It has over 25,000+ Orders.

It’s sold $8.36 in AliExpress and you can sell it from $29.99 and make a profit of $21.63.

4. Meatball Maker Spoon

best dropshipping products 2020

For food lovers, this product is awesomely good.

The best way to make a meatball for yourself and everyone. The fastest and easiest way of making your own delicious meatballs!

This Meatball Maker Spoon is a creative kitchen tool that will help you create meatballs easily and quickly without messing around.

It’s sold $2.29 in AliExpress and you can sell it from $17.95 and make a profit of $15.66.

5. Spin Spa Body Brush

Winning dropshipping products 2020

Spin Spa Body Brush is still active in 2020 and everyone would want it.

It deeply beautifies your body, relieves your stress with soothing massages, and cleanses oil, dirt, and exfoliating dead skin away.

All in the comfort of your home!

It’s sold $11.47 in AliExpress and you can sell it from $29.99 and make a profit of $18.52.


I guess now, you have an awesome list of the best dropshipping products to sell in 2020.

It’s still hot and you can setup a Shopify or WooCommerce store around it to earn some money.

We update our readers with best dropshipping products every month via newsletters.

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The list will always be updated monthly, you will be notified.

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