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Shopify Payments & Stripe Legally for Non US Resident

Stripe for Non US residents is what everyone wants. Stripe is one of the best payment gateways to accept shopify payments on your dropshipping store, website, or any business you have that requests for card details.

It’s very easy to start accepting payments, but there are requirements to setup a stripe account and start using it to accept payments on your Shopify store, e-commerce store etc.

To use stripe to start accepting payments, you need the following requirements:

  1. US Company (LLC)
  2. EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  3. US Address
  4. US Phone Number
  5. US Bank Account

It’s quite easy to get all of that, and that brings us to the next step.

Setup Stripe Account for Non US Resident or Unsupported Countries

If you form a US company, you can use the details to setup a stripe account and accept payments on your store.

Before your form your company, you should be able to make up your mind on which state to form your LLC.

You can choose to form your LLC in Delaware, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Colorado or any states in the US.

Each state has it’s own formation fees which you must pay to get started, secondly it has it’s own yearly fixed tax fees as well.

In this post, we would be choosing Kentucky to form your company, because it’s one of the cheapest place to form a US Company.

However, to form your company, we would be recommending you head over to Inc Authority to form your company.

You will get everything you need to get started, including an EIN, Operating Agreement, Articles of Formation, a registered agent service free for 1 year etc

You also get a US address for your stripe account registration.

How to Form Your US Company for Dropshipping Benefits

Follow the below guidelines carefully and in few minutes you will be done with the registration.

  1. Choose Entity Type and Formation State
  2. Choose Your Package
  3. Enter Contact Details
  4. Enter your Business Details
  5. Business Address
  6. Select EIN/Tax ID
  7. Operating Agreement
  8. Addons
  9. Payments
  10. Filling the EIN Form
  11. US Physical Address
  12. US Bank Account
  13. US Phone Number
  14. Conclusion

1. Choose Entity Type and Formation State

Go-to Inc Authority and when you get to the page, click on the start now for free tab.

Shopify Payments & Stripe Legally for Non US Resident

Step 2: Select Your Entity and State

In your entity type, select Limited Liability Company (LLC) and in the Formation State, select Kentucky.

Shopify Payments & Stripe Legally for Non US Resident

Step 3: Enter your personal details

In this step, enter your First and last name, email and contact phone number.

You’ll need a US Phone number, install DingTone from playstore or apple store and purchase a US Phone Number for $4.99 which will last for a whole year.

Step 4: Select Your Business Details

Enter your business name and business description (if you have a clothing online store, say you have an online and you sell clothings and apparel).

A brief description of your company, a sentence or two describing your business.

Select your business benefit and click save & continue.

Shopify Payments & Stripe Legally for Non US Resident

Step 5: Business Address

You’re required to enter a US address, since you’re forming your LLC in Kentucky, you need to enter a Kentucky US address.

I will share with you my Kentucky address, if you’re already subscribed to my newsletter, I have already given you the address.

If you’re new, click here to download the address, then copy it and continue with your application. I can’t share it publicly.

In shipping address, use the first option.

Step 6: EIN/Federal Tax ID

The interesting part about IncAuthority is they get an EIN for you at $49, which is considered as the cheapest place to get one. Others charge from $95 and above.

You need to include the EIN/Federal Tax ID which is very important!

It serves as your SSN for Non US citizens and as an add-on for US Citizens.

Shopify Payments & Stripe Legally for Non US Resident

Step 7: Operating Agreement

Operating agreement is important because it provides proof you own the business.

In case any problem occurs in future, you can be able to correct them with your operating agreement and in case Stripe or any program requires it.

Select the operating agreement and proceed with the form.

Shopify Payments & Stripe Legally for Non US Resident

Step 8: Add-ons

The next pages contains Addons and they include the following:

  • INC Protection Advisor. $27/month.
  • LawSuit Protection. – $99.
  • Express Delivery – $49.
  • Domain Name – $29.95
  • Business License Package – $99

All these ad-dons are not important, so you can skip all of them until you get to the payment stage.

Step 9: Make Final Payments

At the end, you’ll only be paying for State Filling Fee, EIN and Operating Agreement.

Other formation companies charge a lot for offering this service but IncAuthority Charges $0 Service fee.

Now you need to make payment using either Debit/Credit Card or PayPal.

For the Delivery Option, you can select $0 free delivery (Electronic Delivery) and they will be delivered to your email.

Shopify Payments & Stripe Legally for Non US Resident

Finally, that is all. You’ve successfully created your LLC Business Name and EIN/Federal Tax ID.

Form your LLC by following the above guide, and if you have any questions, be sure to drop them below.

Filling the EIN form

They will send you an EIN form document to fill and send back to them.

Every part of the document is easy to fill, but in the SSN/TIN section, enter/type FOREIGN.

Now, that’s all. In few days (5-7 days) your LLC will be formed and all your details will be sent to you.

You can now use your US company details to do whatsoever you wish to do, complete your sign-up that is pending and much more.

If you reached where you’re confused, don’t forget to reach out or drop a comment.

US Physical Address

Your LLC company formation will come with a registered agent delaware address, and you can use that to complete your registration at stripe sign-up page.

US Bank Account

This is just super easy to get. If you don’t already have a Payoneer account, you can go to and setup an account, approvals are done instantly and you can have your own US bank account details.

Stripe will send payments to your stripe account and you can withdraw to your local bank account in your country.

US Phone Number

If you don’t already have one, you can download DingTone app from playstore or apple store and purchase a US phone number for just $4.99 for a whole year.


In few days, your formed company will be ready, together with your EIN.

The next step, is to head over to and start filling the form for your US stripe account.

In the SSN field, enter the last four digits of your EIN.

TIP: the name you used to fill out all forms should be the same name on your Identity card. If you want the stripe verification to go smoothly.

We have come to the end of this guide, we hope you setup your US stripe account real soon and start accepting shopify payments or online payments with it.

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Awesome post but, how do you get an EIN if you live in Canada do you know? We don’t even have a “LLC” option which Americans get so, your either a sole proprietor or a corporation no in between like llc.

When you sign-up for an LLC using the links in the post, you will get an EIN irrespective of your country.

To get only an “EIN”, follow this link and apply for an EIN, and you will get it within one business day.

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